Top Electrical Wiring Services in Pennsylvania

As a leading electrical contractor serving the greater PA region, Forsythe & Son Electrical offers a full range of wiring services for local homes and businesses. We have the experience to handle any type of new electrical installation or wiring upgrade need.

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Why Electrical Wiring Services are Essential for Your PA Home

Safe and robust electrical systems are vital in Pennsylvania homes. however, wiring issues can occur over time due to age, insufficient maintenance, or high usage. Rewiring and upgrades by a professional electrician ensure your home’s electrical safety and performance.

Forsythe & Son Electric provides complete home wiring services across PA. We handle everything from inspecting existing wires, to full rewiring, circuit breaker repair, and installing new high-capacity electrical panels.

Invest in peace of mind by keeping your wiring flawless with our services.

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Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

If you notice any of the following, your Pennsylvania home may require rewiring:

  • Frequent tripped breakers or blown fuses from overloaded circuits
  • Wall plates or switches that are hot to the touch
  • Light fixtures that flicker or dim unexpectedly
  • Strange and inconsistent electrical meter activity
  • GFCIs that frequently trip, indicating ground faults
  • Cracked or frayed wire insulation
  • Sparks from outlets or switches when turned on

Rewiring by our electricians ensures safe, robust power delivery. We replace old wires with new circuits run efficiently throughout your home.

Updating Your Electrical Panel: When and Why

Upgrading your electrical panel makes sense when:

  • Additional capacity is needed for renovations or new appliances
  • You have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel, which present fire risks
  • The panel still uses outdated fuses requiring hard-to-find replacements
  • There is no room left for additional circuits in the current panel
  • You want modern safety features like arc fault or ground fault protection

New panels provide extra capacity for today’s electricity demands and safety. We specify the optimal size panel and handles all required installation work.

Identifying Faulty Wiring in Your Home

Warning signs of faulty electrical wiring include:

  • Frequent tripping of breakers or blown fuses
  • Flickering lights or unexpected power loss
  • Discolored cables or cracked insulation
  • Burning smell from outlets or switches
  • Buzzing from wall plates or outlet boxes
  • Sparks when turning lights or appliances on/off

Pinpointing issues early prevents dangerous shorts that can lead to fires or shocks.

Common Reasons to Call an Electrician for Wiring Services in PA

It’s smart to call Forsythe & Son Electric if you experience:

  • Breaker tripping problems
  • New voltage issues like flickering lights
  • Damage from electrical surges
  • Ground faults in bathroom or kitchen
  • Upgrading panel capacity for renovations
  • Safety concerns about old or damaged wiring

We isolate faults and provide licensed repairs quickly.

When to Upgrade Old Wiring in Your Home

Proactively upgrading wiring makes sense when:

  • Existing wiring predates 1960, making age a reliability and capacity concern
  • You move older appliances to new areas, overtaxing those circuits
  • Renovations require adding many new lighting or appliance circuits
  • Electrical needs have simply grown beyond the original system’s capabilities
  • You want modern safety features like arc fault breakers

New wiring and expanded panels provide protection and capacity for years.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency with New Wiring Installation

New wires run efficiently to actual usage areas can lower electrical bills. Shorter wire runs suffer less voltage drop compared to outdated wiring spanning entire homes loosely. Any hazardous insulation slowing current flow is eliminated as well with fresh wiring. Added lighting and appliance circuits also allow smarter energy management.

Upgrading to Meet the Electrical Needs of Your Household

With practically everything requiring charging or power nowadays, capacity is always a concern in older homes. New 200 amp panels with ample breaker spaces ensure you can support additional lighting, appliances and devices without tripping breakers. Prep for electric vehicle charging stations can also be built in.

Overcoming Common Problems with Residential Electrical Wiring

Whether it’s faulty receptacles causing shock risks, overloaded circuits dimming lights, or lack of grounding creating fire hazards – upgraded wiring resolves it all. Copper wires encased in sturdy, modern insulation last for decades without common failures. Enjoy peace of mind that electrical safety and performance is current and code compliant after upgrades.


PA Electrical Wiring FAQs


What services do you offer for electrical wiring in Pennsylvania?

We offer a range of services including wiring and rewiring, electrical system repair, outlet installation, and more.


How do I know if I need electrical repair services?

If you experience frequent electrical issues, such as flickering lights or tripping circuits, it may be time to call us for electrical repair.


What should I do if I suspect problems with my home's electrical system?

If you notice any signs of electrical issues, it’s best to contact us as soon as possible to assess your home’s wiring and address any potential problems.


Do you offer whole home rewiring services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive whole home rewiring services to upgrade and improve your home’s electrical system.


When should I consider rewiring my home?

You should consider rewiring your home if you notice any signs of electrical issues or if your wiring is old and outdated.


Why is it important to hire a trusted electrical technician for rewiring services?

Hiring a trusted technician ensures that the rewiring project is done properly and safely, reducing the risk of electrical fires and other hazards.


How can rewiring my home improve its overall safety?

Rewiring your home can eliminate old and faulty wiring, reducing the risk of electrical fires and ensuring the safety of your home and family.

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