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As a leading electrical contractor serving the greater NC region, Forsythe & Son Electrical offers a full range of wiring services for local homes and businesses. We have the experience to handle any type of new electrical installation or wiring upgrade need.

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Trust Forsythe & Son for all your electrical wiring needs. Our licensed experts deliver top-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and safety you can count on. Don’t wait, upgrade your home or business electrical system today. Contact us today!

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What are the common electrical wiring services available in North Carolina?

Residential Wiring

  • Home additions and renovations
  • New construction wiring
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Landscape and outdoor wiring
  • EV charger installations
  • Whole house rewiring

Appliance Wiring

  • Electrical connections for appliances like dryers, stoves/ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • Dedicated appliance circuits to avoid overloads
  • Generator connections to safely power essential appliances

Rewiring Services

  • Upgrading outdated and insufficient wiring
  • Resolving old aluminum wiring to prevent failures
  • Fixing loose, damaged or deteriorated wires
  • Optimizing wire gauge sizes for electric loads

Forsythe & Son Electric have experience across all types of low voltage and high voltage electrical wiring projects to meet your residential or commercial electrical needs while ensuring safety and code compliance.

Contact us for fair quotes from our local family-owned contractor business serving the NC area for years!

How to find reliable electrical wiring services in North Carolina?

Locating Certified Electricians

When hiring electricians to handle wiring, safety should be the top priority for your home. Verify licensing, bonding and liability insurance before allowing contractors to perform any major electrical work. Our Forsythe & Son team holds all required state electrical certifications and training.

Checking for Provided Services

Look for electricians that offer comprehensive electrical wiring capabilities spanning installations, repairs, upgrades focused on both low and high voltage systems. Our electricians have experience across wiring types – from basic outlets and switches to home theater setup to whole house rewiring projects in North Carolina homes & businesses.

Ensuring Safety Inspection

Only work with wiring electricians that will arrange for proper final inspection by local permitting offices to certify compliance with NC electrical codes and safety practices. This 3rd party sign-off ensures qualified eyes review the installed wires, connections, junction points, etc protecting your investment. Our team handles the complete paperwork and scheduling.

For guaranteed safe, to-code wiring services from a contractor you can count on long-term, choose the experience of Forsythe & Son Electrical serving North Carolina customers for many years.

Contact us for quotes catering specifically to your residential or commercial electrical wiring needs.

Why should you consider rewiring services for your North Carolina home?

Electrical Safety Concerns

Outdated, damaged or insufficient wiring puts your home at risk for electrical shorts, fires and shock hazards. A certified rewiring with enhanced safety features like arc-fault protection lets residents breathe easy.

Upgrading to Meet Modern Electrical Code

Newer materials, connection types, wiring gauges, grounding and layout techniques make modern home electrical systems inherently safer and more robust. Rewiring brings old homes up to par.

Increasing Home Resale Value

Updated electrical systems allow integrating smart features plus provide capacity for additional appliances. This makes homes more attractive to prospective buyers allowing sellers to potentially recoup rewiring costs.


North Carolina Electrical Wiring FAQs


What areas in North Carolina do you provide electrical wiring services in?

We provide professional electrical wiring services throughout North Carolina, including Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


How do I know if I need wiring repair services for my home?

If you are experiencing frequent electrical issues, flickering lights, or outlets that are not functioning properly, it is advisable to contact us for an inspection and potential wiring repair.


How do I schedule an appointment for wiring upgrade or repair service?

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a wiring upgrade, repair, or inspection to address any electrical needs in your home.


What should I do if I suspect that the wiring in my home is outdated or unsafe?

If you suspect that the wiring in your home is outdated or unsafe, it is crucial to contact us for a professional inspection to assess the condition of your wiring and recommend the necessary actions to ensure safety.


What services do you offer for wiring installation?

Our wiring installation services include new wiring, hot tub wiring, whole house wiring, and any other electrical wiring needs for residential properties in North Carolina.


Why is it important to have professional wiring services for my home?

Professional wiring services ensure that your home’s wiring is safe, up to code, and of the highest quality, reducing the risk of electrical fires and other potential hazards.


What are the common electrical issues that may indicate the need for wiring or rewiring services?

Common electrical issues that may indicate the need for wiring or rewiring services include outdated wiring, frequent circuit breakers tripping, and visible damage to the wiring in your home.

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