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Finding yourself without power or lights can be stressful, inconvenient and in some cases create an unsafe situation. Having access to prompt, professional electrical services in an emergency should provide peace of mind for every North Carolina homeowner and business.

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What services does an emergency electrician in North Carolina offer?

Forsythe & Son Electrical has extensive experience and specialty training when it comes to emergency electrical repair and troubleshooting across the Tar Heel state. Here are the key services we provide 24/7 to get your property safely back up and running.

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Electrical Repair

We are ready to rapidly diagnose and fix any type of electrical emergency, big or small. From whole house electrical failures, short circuits causing blown breakers or sparks/fire hazards, faulty wiring, and natural disaster damage — our licensed electricians have seen it all and can professionally correct issues to restore power. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Outdated, overloaded electrical panels are one of the most common sources of hazards and need for emergency electrical calls outs. If your circuit breaker is frequently tripping or prevents power from staying on, that likely indicates it’s time for an upgraded panel with higher capacity. Our electricians can install new effective panels the same day in many cases so you avoid another night without electricity.

Power Outages Assistance

Storms, falling trees, animals, accidents and other grid disruptions can suddenly leave your home or business without any electricity. We have rapid response crews with advanced diagnostic tools ready to troubleshoot the reasons for your power outage. This includes assessing all interior wiring issues as well as working with utility companies on exterior/service line repairs to get your lights back on ASAP. Having to deal with the hassle and spoiling food is bad enough without delays in response.

No matter what type of electrical emergency arises for your North Carolina property, we empower homeowners and businesses to call our office immediately for urgent assistance from trained experts available 24/7. Contact us now for emergency electrical help!

How to find an emergency electrician near me?

If you are located in the North Carolina area and suddenly find yourself needing an emergency electrician, getting in touch with Forsythe & Son Electrical is fast and easy.

As a family-owned electrical contractor serving this region for many years, we are ready to respond to your unique electrical situation day or night.

Common electrical emergencies in North Carolina

Operating a home or business without reliable electrical systems poses risks to safety, productivity and even health. While utilities and equipment manufacturers have come a long way in safeguarding power systems, outages and malfunctions still frequently occur. These are three of the most prevalent electrical emergencies across the state that electricians are called out to troubleshoot and repair urgently.

Circuit Breaker Malfunction

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and shut off power flow as a protective mechanism against overloads, but they can also nuisance trip or fail to trip when needed. Signs like frequently popping breakers, outlets not resetting properly, flickering lights or burning smells indicate it’s time for breaker panel repairs. Our electricians can diagnose causes from old age, incorrect sizing, moisture or loose connections and restore normal performance quickly.

Generator Failure

Home backup generators offer insurance against grid outages during bad storms but mechanical issues can leave them unable to start up when depended on most. Our technicians perform generator troubleshooting for problems like bad sensors, fuel flow problems, transfer switch faults and exhaust/cooling breakdowns. We’ll have your backup power source inspected and operational again immediately.

Electrical System Damage

The violent winds, heavy rains, snow and ice as well as falling trees/branches associated with extreme weather events often cause damage to overhead power and property electrical systems here in North Carolina. Our crews are at the ready after hurricanes, tropical storms or blizzards to safely repair damaged service entrance cables, meter equipment, weather heads and conduit that present outages or other hazards like downed power lines.

Don’t face the disruption or danger posed by electrical failures – rely on the 24/7 emergency assist from our master electricians here at Forsythe & Son


Emergency Electrical Services FAQs


When should I call an emergency electrician in NC?

You should call an emergency electrician in NC when you encounter electrical issues such as power outages, sparks from an outlet, electrical burning smells, or any other situation that poses a risk of electrical fire or harm.


Are emergency electrical services available 24 hours a day in NC?

Yes, emergency electrical services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in NC to address any urgent electrical problems that may arise.


What are the benefits of hiring an electrician service in NC for electrical needs?

Hiring an electrician in NC ensures that your electrical needs are addressed by professionals with the right electrical expertise, ensuring the safety and proper functioning of your electrical systems.


What should I do if I experience an electrical problem in my residential property?

If you experience an electrical problem in your residential property, do not hesitate to contact an emergency electrician for prompt assistance and resolution of the issue.

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